Inter-university scientific cooperation projects: call 2019

With a view to developing cooperation between AUF’s higher education institutions, AUF’s Regional Middle East Directorate offers faculty and researchers in its region the opportunity to present multilateral cooperation projects in the field of research, development and technology transfer

General objective 

Sustainable structuring of scientific, academic and institutional cooperation

Specific objectives 

Scientific Strengthening of Middle Eastern Universities –

Development of regional and inter-regional cooperation between universities –

Support to young researchers –

Assistance to the production and dissemination of knowledge in the Middle East region –

Promotion of female executives in research and / or technology transfer –

 Target fields 

 education sciences – human sciences – social sciences – engineering sciences – law, economy and business – environment, energy and water – biology and health – mathematics and IT – Chemistry 

Who can benefit from this

Lecturers and researchers, young doctoral or post-doctoral students, research master’s degrees students


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